Digital Dragons 16-17 May 2016 Kraków, Poland

Chris Avellone

Chris started his escape from reality by freelancing for a number of pen and paper role-playing game companies in high school before Interplay foolishly hired him as a game designer in 1996. He worked on most if not all of Black Isle’s internally developed projects, including Planescape: Torment (Lead Designer), Fallout 2, the whole Icewind Dale series, and Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, and a number of canceled titles that still make him weep, including Baldur’s Gate 3 and Fallout 3. At Obsidian, Chris was the Lead Designer on Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, moved on to a Senior Design role on Neverwinter Nights 2 and Mask of the Betrayer, worked briefly as the Creative Lead of the Aliens RPG, and then went on to be lead designer on Alpha Protocol, Obsidian's espionage RPG. He worked on Fallout: New Vegas as a Senior Designer, and went on to be Project Director of most of the Fallout New Vegas DLCs (Dead Money, Old World Blues, and Lonesome Road). His more recent works include inXile’s Wasteland 2, the Legend of Grimrock movie treatment, the FTL: Advanced Edition, and Obsidian’s Kickstarter: Pillars of Eternity, and is currently working on inXile’s Torment: Tides of Numenera and Divinity: Original Sin II by Larian Studios. He is reported to be friendly, non-toxic, and his mother still doesn’t understand what he does on a daily basis, but he loves her anyway.

Łukasz Hacura

Co-founder of Anshar Studios, producer and programmer. Computer science graduate at Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. Works in the video games industry since 2006. First as a video game programmer, lead programmer and at the end of 2011 he was given a position of executive producer and head of studio at City Interactive Katowice where he worked till founding of Anshar Studios. He published a book "Code design and programming in video games" in 2011. He worked on 16 published video games on Xbox360, PS3, Wii, PC, Nintendo DS, iOS and Windows Phone.

Dmitry Martynov

Dmitri Martynov is the Head of Google Play Apps & Games, Russia & CEE at Google. In his role, he helps apps & games businesses from Russia & CEE to find success on Android and Google Play. Prior to joining the Google Play team, Dima was a Regional Developers Relations Program Manager at Google Russia. Pre-Google, Dmitri spent almost 10 years at Microsoft, in various roles, focusing on Cloud Computing and Microsoft’s Azure platform.
Dmitri has a BA in Computer Science from Moscow State University of Instrument Making and Information Science.

Susan O'Connor

Susan O'Connor is a multiple award-winning writer who has contributed to over twenty titles, including BioShock, Far Cry 2, and Tomb Raider. Games in her portfolio have sold over ten million copies and generated over half a billion dollars in sales. She has contributed to first-person shooters, action-adventure titles, RTSs, RPGs, and open-world games in a variety of genres, including sci-fi, fantasy, horror, action, thriller, mystery, and crime. She lives in San Francisco and goes surfing every chance she gets.

John Romero

John Romero is an award-winning game designer, level designer and programmer whose work spans over 130 games, 107 of which have been published commercially, including the iconic works Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM and Quake. Romero has worked in the mobile, hardcore, mid-core, casual and MMO space. Romero has co-founded eight successful game companies including the likes of id Software, Gazillion Entertainment, Loot Drop which celebrated its 5th anniversary in 2015, and most recently Romero Games. He is considered to be among the world’s top game designers, and his products have won well over 100 awards. One of the earliest indie developers, Romero began working in the game space in 1979 on mainframes before moving to the Apple II in 1981. He is a completely self-taught programmer, designer and artist, having drawn his inspirations from early Apple II programmers. Romero co-owns Loot Drop and Romero Games and resides in Galway, Ireland.

Bartłomiej Waszak

Bartłomiej is currently a gameplay programmer at Ubisoft Quebec studio, where he worked on Assassin's Creed Syndicate.
Previously he was a lead programmer for such games like sci-fi first-person shooter "Alien Rage" and a mobile title "I Must Run!".
He also created physics, collision and animation subsystems for indie game engine called "Argon".
Overall he has 13 years of professional experience and 15 games published on his track so far.

Fredrik Wester

Fredrik Wester is the CEO, President and Principal Owner of Paradox Interactive, the Sweden-based game company best known for PC strategy games like Cities Skylines, Magicka, Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings series. Since 2003, Wester has built Paradox from a 7-man studio to an international publisher with over 200 employees and another 10 partner companies (200 people) making games on contract.


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