"Cross-platform, the only way to develop for mobile"

Ivan Beliy is a team leader at Marmalade and is focused on further developing the cross-platform capabilities of the Marmalade SDK. A Mechanics and Maths graduate of DNU, Ivan gained much of his commercial experience during his time as a professional developer at panBmedia AG and Devoler LLC where he created games for a wide variety of platforms such as iOS, Java-enabled mobiles, Cable TV as well as Set Top Boxes.

"Design and implementation of an original scenario, case study: Witcher"

Writer and designer. Has been involved in games production for 13 years, of which over eight in video games. Professionally associated with CD Projekt RED, currently main writer for The Witcher 3. Specialises in designing extensive, non-linear plots.

An enthusiast of the video games market, long journeys, and opera music, Michał Bobrowski began his adventure with games in the days of 8-bit computers. In 1995–2000, he worked in external public relations. In 2001, he managed to combine his fondness of virtual entertainment with questions related to online advertising by joining GRY-OnLine SA, a company holding the unquestioned position of the leader of Polish video games media. Since 2001, he has been a member of its board and the managing director.

MBA from Wyższa Szkoła Zarządzania / Polish Open University.

"Show me the Money! How engagement is the key to monetisation in mobile games"

Chris Book brings a rich history of knowledge and experience in the mobile industry. Chris is an apps expert, with a range of experience from mobile messaging during his time at Orange, to launching his own app, Bardowl, in 2012. At Distimo, Chris focuses on App Analytics, advertising, conversion funnels and advises on strategies for apps to get maximum downloads and revenues. Passionate about technology and business models in equal measure, Chris has spoken at numerous events including Casual Connect, ForumOxford, Mobile Games Forum, openMIC, and The Big M.

Chris lives in Bath, UK, has a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon-Do and supports Tottenham Hotspur.
Follow him @bookmeister.

"Designing simple UI for great user experiance: Createrria case study"

Wojciech Borczyk is experienced executive and developer working in gaming and IT industries since 2002. Co-founder of Incuvo, game startup behind Createrria - create, share and play your games on mobile devices. Previously, co-founder of Fresh Chicken Studio, a gaming startup, developed a game engine for Nintendo DS + games based on own engine, later sold to City Interactive, one of Polish biggest game developer & publisher. Additionaly, Wojciech has PhD in Computer Science, specialty: Computer Graphics and Vision. Dissertation in the field of photorealistic image synthesis using global illumination. Wojciech is also university lecturer in fields of Video Games and Computer Graphics.

"Rise of Prometheus - how legend is created"

Former game journalist, Grzegorz Brol started writing in 2004 and did so for many years in both online and print media. Now a game designer working at Vivid Games, he is focused on bringing a console quality experience to mobile. His experience in game design stems not only from the many years of writing about games, regardless of quality or platform, but also from work during the production of Real Boxing - Vivid's flagship, high-end, Unreal-powered boxing title. Currently he is hard at work on Godfire: Rise of Prometheus as the game's lead designer, working to raise the bar for Vivid's future endeavours into the AAA scene.

"The Benefits and Struggles of 2D Game Animation"

Mariel Cartwright is an illustrator and animator based in Los Angeles. She is lead animator at Lab Zero Games, working on the 2D fighting game Skullgirls, and also works regularly with Wayforward on a number of titles.

"Holy Grail of Narrative Games, or How to Tell a Story through Gameplay"

One of the best-known Polish game developers, currently working in The Astronauts studio he started. One of the names behind Tajemnica Statuetki (Mystery of the Statuette), first Polish PC adventure game. Has designed games for 20 years since, together with Grzegorz Miechowski, he started Metropolis Software. Chmielarz worked also on Teenagent and Gorky 17. In 2002, together with Andrzej Poznański and Michał Kosieradzki, he started People Can Fly studio, which published Painkiller in 2004. Since 2007 he worked with his team on Bulletstorm, a game that premiered on the international market in 2011. As the creative director of the studio, he entered collaboration with Epic Games.

"The Challenge: Making Games As A Service"

Oscar Clark is a consultant and Evangelist for Everyplay from Applifier. He has been a pioneer in online, mobile and console social games services since 1998. He provided ‘vision’ for one of the first Online games communities (Wireplay - British Telecom); was global lead for games at Hutchison Whampoa (3UK) which included (perhaps) the first mobile in-App purchase; and was Home Architect for PlayStation®Home.

He is a regular columnist on PocketGamer.Biz and is an outspoken speaker at countless games conferences including GDC, Casual Connect, Game Connection and Develop on Games Design, Discovery and Monetisation. He is a Mentor for accelerator GameFounders and has guest lectured on Social Freemium Games Design for several Universities. He is also currently working on his first book, “Games As A Service - How Free To Play Design Can Make Better Games” which is expected to be released in early 2014.

"How to Self-publish on PlayStation 4"

Rob Clarke has been working with indie games for over five years and is in charge of the marketing and PR at UK-based indie publisher, Curve Digital. Rob has been responsible for the launch of many high-profile indie titles on PlayStation consoles, including Proteus, Lone Survivor and The Swapper, and is currently working with Polish developer Crunching Koalas to bring their puzzle game MouseCraft to PlayStation Vita.

"Armour System, or How Art and Gameplay Meet in Game Character Customisation"

Konrad Czernik is a Lead Concept Artist in Techland. He has worked on Hellraid and created concept arts for such titles as Dead Island, the Call of Juarez series, Dead Stop, Heal Them All, and Nikita: The Mystery of the Hidden Treasure. A guest lecturer at the Jagiellonian University, the Wrocław University of Technology, and the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. A storyboard artist and designer, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts (Wrocław). For years inspired by comics, he's now preparing his own comic album.

"Debunking Myths About Lean Game Development"

Katherine de León is Executive Producer at GSN Games, creator of top grossing free-to-play iOS, Android, and Facebook games. Prior to joining GSN, de Leon was Co-founder & CEO of Cull TV, a music video discovery startup that was acquired in March 2012 just 15 months after the company was founded. Previously, de León held the role of Senior Producer at PlayStation(R)Network, where she directed product strategy and development for Sony's F2P game platform, PlayStation(R)Home. A veteran of online entertainment, de León has overseen production of over 300 interactive games and the virtual economies surrounding those experiences.

"Startup Funding: Indie Options, Approaches and Realities"

Jason Della Rocca is the co-founder of Executions Labs, a first-of-its kind, hybrid game incubator and go-to-market accelerator that helps independent game developers produce games and bring them to market. Formerly, Jason was a game industry consultant focused on business and cluster development, working with game studios and organizations all over the world. Prior, he served as the executive director of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) for nearly nine years, and was honored for his industry building efforts with the inaugural Ambassador Award at the Game Developers Conference. In 2009, Jason was named to Game Developer Magazine’s “Power 50,” a list which profiles 50 of the most important contributors to the state of the game industry.

As a sought after expert on the game industry, Jason has lectured at conferences and universities worldwide. He also serves on various advisory boards and volunteer roles, such as co-chairing IGDA-Montreal, as an advisor to the ICT Practice of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada, and serving on the research management committee of the GRAND Network Center of Excellence.

"Data Driven Monetization and Feature Design"

Grażyna Domańska is a monetization manager at Kobojo. She is responsible for monetization, product management and business intelligence across all the company's titles. She specializes in MMO monetization and has had a privilege to work on some of the biggest online titles in the West, like Runes of Magic (Gameforge), Runescape (Jagex) and most recently The Division (Ubisoft). She deals with everything 'business', from billing flows and P&Ls to shop management tools and in-game economy design. She likes Scandinavian cinema and orange juice.

Olivier Deriviere, whose distinctive soundtracks have been recognized by Billboard and The New York Times, has previously scored critically acclaimed interactive scores for Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Freedom Cry, Remember Me, Alone In The Dark, Of Orcs and Men and the Obscure series. Deriviere works with renowned recording studios, world-class engineers and performers, and employ the latest software and custom library sounds. An alumnus of Berklee College of Music Deriviere has recorded with the GRAMMY® award-winning choir The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices, The Boston Cello Quartet, The Boston String Quartet, The Children Choir of the National Opera of Paris, The Philharmonia Orchestra in London and the Brussels Philharmonic. His main focus continues to be enhancing the player's interactive experience through music.

"Low Level Optimizations for AMD GCN GPU Architectures"

Michał Drobot is a game industry veteran specializing in rendering technology. Currently shapes future of 3D rendering at Ubisoft Montreal.
Previously worked at Guerrilla Games, designing and optimizing the renderer for Playstation 4 launch title - Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Dancing pixels make him happy.

"Another Case Solved - Post Mortem"

Artur Ganszyniec is game designer and writer. Lead Game Designer at ATGames, responsible for "Puzzle Craft" and "Another Case Solved". Previously worked on "Witcher 1" and "Witcher 2" as story designer. Teaches Game Design at Łódź University of Technology.

"Volumetric Lighting for Many Lights in Lords of the Fallen"

Benjamin Glatzel is an Engine/Graphics Programmer at Deck13 Interactive, one of the leading game developers in Germany. At the moment he's mainly responsible for porting the in-house engine Fledge (and their current project 'Lords of the Fallen') to the PS4, optimizing the engine and the rendering backend for the next-gen consoles, everything related to physics, the software rasterization based occlusion culling system as well as many other core systems of the engine.

"One year of porting: Post mortem of two Linux/SteamOS launches"

A jack-of-all-trades game programmer, recently turned Linux gun-for-hire with two published ports under his belt so far. Currently at Nordic Games; released titles include Painkiller Hell & Damnation and Deadfall Adventures. Before that he'd spent countless hours on game modding and open source projects.

Privately a (non-belligerent) Linux fan and an airsoft and skiing enthusiast.

"SELL OUT: How to present a game"

A graduate from the Faculty of Cybernetics at the Military University of Technology, Tomasz has been behind the success of numerous Polish role play games (RPGs).

Currently affiliated with CI Games, he supervises the production of Lords of the Fallen action RPG.

"Gooey Blobs and Chryssalids - milestones in my 32 year career in game development"

He has been designing and creating games of all kinds since he was a teenager. James started on 8-bit home computer systems with games such as Chaos and Laser Squad. His most well known game was UFO Enemy Unknown / X-COM UFO Defense published in 1994 by Microprose. More recently he has worked for Ubisoft in Sofia for over 5 years, working on titles such as Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Shadow Wars, a launch title for the Nintendo 3DS, and Assassin's Creed III Liberation for PS Vita. One year ago Julian returned to indie development with new project Chaos Reborn.

"The Art of Artifex Mundi: Designing and Painting Successful Casual Adventure Games"

Cofounder and Creative Director at Artifex Mundi, where he holds responsibility for the visual aspects of the games as the leading games developer. In the past, lecturer at the Technical University of Silesia; participant of numerous scientific conferences.

A graduate of the Faculty of Automation, Electronics, and Information Technologies of the Technical University of Silesia. Privately, an enthusiast of mountains, astrophysics, palaeontology, and RPG.

CEO and Co-founder at Artifex Mundi, a global leader in the HOPA games industry. Tomasz has been associated with game production for more than ten years. He holds responsibility for all operations and further development of the company. Artifex Mundi currently employs over 100 people in Poland and the USA. Tomasz significantly contributes to the development and popularity of HOPA games in Poland.

He is a graduate of the Faculty of Automation, Electronics, and Information Technologies of the Technical University of Silesia, and in the past, was a lecturer at the Technical University of Silesia. He is an enthusiast of RPGs, board games, and mint chocolates.

"Creative business models-synergies in gameplay and monetization" - panel discussion

Freelance business consultant and games market enthusiast. He had his first computer in age of 2 so he doesn't know the world without video games. In publishing business since 2008 when he joined CD Projekt - one of the most renowned Polish companies. Working as a PR & Marketing manager for over 3 years he has launched such brands as the Witcher, Total War franchise and was a part of Diablo 3 team in Poland. In 2011 after leaving CD Projekt he has launched his own business focused on consulting for companies interested in Polish games market. Now mostly work for free 2 play and technology brands.

"The Rendering Technology of Lords of the Fallen"

Philip Hammer is a Senior Graphics Programmer at Deck13 Interactive, one of the leading game developers in Germany currently working on the title 'Lords of the Fallen'. He is responsible for the rendering pipeline of their in-house multiplatform engine 'Fledge'. During his 8 years in the games industry, he worked on over 13 titles on 6 different platforms - most recently PS4, Xbox One and PC.

"Viral phenomenon of SUPERHOT"

Piotr Iwanicki is an independent game designer, programmer and producer. He has spent years making flash and jam games. He directed SUPERHOT project as a 7 Day FPS game and now he's leading its' transformation into a full game.

"The Witcher - building a global game brand: from zero to AAA"

Co-founder CD Projekt. In 1994 Marcin, along with his friend, co- founded CD Projekt, a company dedicated to publishing and distribution of computer games on groundbreaking - CD ROM, which from the beginning set out new market standards and significantly contributed to the development of computer games in Poland. In 2002, investing the money earned from the publishing and distribution business, Marcin co-founded the game developer studio CD Projekt RED, best known for producing the game series The Witcher. Both parts of the Witcher have become global bestsellers , earning acclaim from both industry and the critics and selling in over 5 million copies worldwide. The third part of the series is planned to be released later this year. GOG.com - groundbreaking digital distribution platform for games with customers from all over the world is Marcin's newest project. All titles on GOG.com are available without DRM with and with lots of free extras for each game.

"Rise of Prometheus - how legend is created"

Passionate game player, extravagantly talented concept artist and skilled director.
Joined Platige Image in 2008, where he currently heads the Art & Design department. Creates illustrations, movie concepts, posters, characters, set designs, you name it, for movies and video games. In his brain the vast majority of Platige's visually stunning works, both artistic and commercial, were born.

He joins work and his passion and is currently art directing a mobile game Godfire: Rise of Prometheus set to premiere in 2014.

"How to reach the media so they do not miss the best game in the world – your game" - panel discussion

Radosław Jaroszek - Editor in Chief of onet.gry.pl, formerly a journalist of several technological services. For more than eight years associated with the Internet industry. Video games and technological innovations geek For two years co-led Turbonet, weekly programme on TVN Turbo channel on the issues of the Internet, video games and cutting-edge technologies.

"Delivering results with self-organizing teams"

Psychology graduate from Jagiellonian University who is currently a student of Canadian Executive MBA at Universite du Quebec a Montreal and Warsaw School of Economics. Passionate gamer that found himself a role in the game industry as an Art Producer for CD Project RED. Worked in the past on a number of projects including: Two Worlds II Pirates of the Flying Fortress, Anomaly: Warzone Earth, Anomaly II, Funky Smugglers and Sleepwalker's Journey. Now he is managing characters and cinematics departments on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

"HandyGames – the way to success!"

Christopher Kassulke is the co-founder and CEO of HandyGames. He is a veteran in the mobile entertainment space and an opinion leader in mobile games since 1999.

"How to reach the media so they do not miss the best game in the world – your game" - panel discussion

James is co-founder of dimoso, an integrated PR and Marketing agency that specialises in mobile and tech. dimoso is also one of the only app marketing agencies in Europe. James is also co-founder of appromoter. James has over seventeen years of B2B and B2C marketing experience, ten of which has been spent working at an international level within the mobile sector. Prior to founding dimoso, James was acting Head of Mobile for the UK newspaper The Daily Mirror as well as a consultant for companies such as Flurry, Exent and Scoreloop.

James has also held several marketing positions in the mobile industry including Head of Campaigns for Muzicall, Europe's largest provider of managed ringback tone services as well as Director of Marketing at global mobile publisher Connect2Media where he managed marketing campaigns with leading brands including Marvel, Hasbro, Activision, World Poker Tour and Sony.

"How to reach the media so they do not miss the best game in the world – your game" - panel discussion

President, General Director Vivid Games.

A graduate of Casimir the Great University in Bydgoszcz. In computer games sector for 9 years. In his professional life, Remigiusz has completed nearly 200 projects for most hardware platforms, collaborating with leading world-class firms. Strongly motivated, goal-oriented, and highly analytical. Regular participant in conferences, he has built an extensive business contacts network in the sector. Cofounder of Vivid Games, which he developed from scratch into a joint stock company with turnover counted in millions and international renown. Boasts extensive knowledge and experience in creation of new games, their production, artistic supervision, and content development. His business experience, in-depth expertise of the market, and understanding of games production – matched with his personal traits – let Remigiusz conclude successfully his ambitious intentions and projects

"Creative business models-synergies in gameplay and monetization" - panel discussion

Alexander Krug is a founder & CEO of SOFTGAMES GmbH. Alexander is a serial games entrepreneur with more than 10 years experience in making big things happen. Alexander started his career at Yahoo! Germany where he successfully managed the re-launch of Yahoo!'s complete gaming portal. In addition Alex has co-founded several successful gaming start-ups. SOFTGAMES, founded in 2006 is a browser-based network of HTML5 mobile games with thousands of casual games optimized for smart phones, tablets and desktop. SOFTGAMES helps media partners, apps, portals and carriers to easily and effectively monetize their mobile traffic with free mobile HTML5 casual games on both iOS and Android through non-intrusive and engaging integration formats.

"Your rocket is ready, Sir. How Google App Engine can shoot a startup beyond its horizon"

Jens is a solutions engineer for Google's Cloud Platform, helping customers and prospects finding the products and systems which fulfill their needs and allow them scale efficiently. Jens has 6 1/2 years of experience working in Google. He started as a Network Engineer working on Google's global production infrastructure and spent 2 years on Infrastructure projects in Emerging Markets at Google Ghana. Before working for Google, Jens worked in technical teams at the United Nations and a local ISP in Germany. His passions outside of work include cooking and travelling.

"Creative business models-synergies in gameplay and monetization" - panel discussion

Michael Liebe is a Berlin based consultant for the games, online technology and "new media" industries. He is founder of Booster Space and head of the International Games Week Berlin. He is Ambassador of the industry network, games.net berlinbrandenburg. In the past 7+ years he has initiated the industry network, games.net berlin-brandenburg, the indie games and art festival, A MAZE., the Digital Games Research Centre of the University of Potsdam (DIGAREC) as well as the Computer Games Collection of European Media Studies at the University of Potsdam, the European Masters program, Ludic Interfaces and many other events and programs surrounding video games industry and culture. In 2013 he was Project Lead at Germany's leading game developer's event, DGT 13 – Deutsche Gamestage and also worked on the German Israel Congress as well as the International Media Concention. Until 2012 he was Advisor – New Media at the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and responsible for marketing and networking for the games industry in the German capital region. More to read and see at www.michael-liebe.de.

"Desires and personality, is it worth to play with a cheater? – designing Artificial Intelligence for strategy game"

Game developer completely devoted first to his family and just after that to his job. He is running Wastelands Interactive since 2006 and is responsible for strategy games already covering World War 2 Pacific and European Theater of Operations. Successfully running two Kickstarter Campaigns and already dragged three games to Steam through Greenlight. Currently working on a Worlds of Magic and series of high quality turn based strategy games designed for mobile devices.

"Challenges of designing multiplayer games"

Creative Director at the Ubisoft Shanghai studio. Previously he designed The Witcher (Wiedźmin), and defined the creative vision for Dead Island. Since moving to Shanghai he's worked on Far Cry 3 and is currently developing Tom Clancy's EndWar Online.

"Japanese Mobile and Handheld Market Through the Looking-Glass"

Mateusz Makowiec is one of the founders of Teyon, a developer and publisher of games on all formats. He heads the marketing and publishing teams (including the Japanese subsidiary Teyon Japan LLC) since the company's inception in 2006. As CMO he is involved in decision making on all levels including greenlighting, strategic partnerships, signing new deals and marketing research.

"How to reach the media so they do not miss the best game in the world – your game" - panel discussion

An expat American living in The Netherlands, Audra has 10 years of high-level video games communications experience. With a career spanning San Francisco, New York, Madrid and now Amsterdam, Audra has experience with multi-lingual, multi-cultural campaigns and has managed large teams to launch titles big and small, from The Sims 3 to the entire Majesco and Konami portfolios from 2007 and 2008 to smaller "indie" titles such as Space Hulk, The Banner Saga and Republique for iOS.

"Turning adversity into opportunity - How making a ton of mistakes while launching in China also improved our games, monetization and analytics"

Starting out as a game industry journalist, Vlad has written for both various print and online media for over six years and originally created the online version of game industry trade magazine Gamesauce.org in 2010. He spent most of 2012 teaching himself what it was like to run a development team while helping his boss set up Thailand-based mobile game studio, Arkavis Siam co., Ltd.
He joined Dutch start-up Gramble in 2013 to rediscover himself as a PR manager and now leverages that experience to offer indies all over the world support on the topics of PR & Marketing.
At the start of this year, he has joined up-and-coming Finnish free-to-play game developer Critical Force Entertainment as their head of studio. With his own company VGVisionary, Vlad likes to travel the world to speak at events, meet with game developers and offer advice, contacts and support to whoever needs it. He acts as an advisor and mentor for various game companies in the areas of content production, PR & marketing, branding, game analytics, management and business development.

"How to reach the media so they do not miss the best game in the world – your game" - panel discussion

Founder and producer at Tap It Games, a dynamic game studio started in 2012, handles nearly every aspect of game production including writing, design, testing, concept, 3D direction and management. He was working as a designer/producer on several projects like: 9 Clues: Hallways of Madness, 9 Clues: The Secret of Serpent Creek, Deadly Puzzles: Toymaker, Last Flight, Engineering an Empire: Ancient Egypt. A graduate of the Faculty of Geotechnics of Technical University in Cracow. Being a gamer for nearly 20 years he gained experience by working with companies such as Bloober Team and Artifex Mundi. Privately a passionate motorbike rider and a DJ.

"It's not a product, it's a service!"

CTO at Ganymede. He is an engineering leader experienced in working on all levels of online gaming technology as a developer, architect, and project manager. His current focus is running the DevOps team responsible for backend technologies and data analytics solutions. He's an enthusiast of agile software development, successfully introducing it to company engineering teams.

Big fan of motorcycles, new technologies, and science fiction literature. Computer Science Graduate at AGH University of Science and Technology.

Understanding music as more than just sounds, that fill hearts with emotions and minds with images, Piotr is a composer of versatile nature. Flexible in many styles, from purely orchestral scores, through hybrid to funky and pop, he has always been inspired by small pieces of puzzles, discovered in music of all times.

His fascination with Hollywood film scores of the 80s, as well as minimal and modern music, drives him into creating his own style, while manifesting well respected perfectionism in detail in his game and film scores.

Piotr worked for 11 bit studios, People Can Fly (former Epic Games Poland), Farm 51, Flying Wild Hog, C.I. Games, Platige Image and many more. He recorded music with orchestras in Poland, Czech and Germany, as an orchestrator and composer for local and international clients.

His game credits, among others, include Bulletstorm, Anomaly series by 11 bit studios, Dogfight 1942, Grimlands and Deadfall Adventures, recently awarded as best polish game music album of 2013.

"Developing Games with Google"

Shanee is a Developer Advocate at Google with the mission to make game development easier, efficient and fun. As a game developer with a passion for engine architecture she is pushing Android gaming forward along with Play Games Services to connect games and players on all platforms.
In her free time Shanee experiments with new technologies, prototypes games and enjoys strategy & role-playing games.

"The power of the Facebook platform for games developers"

Julia Ognieva is a Head of Gaming Partnerships, Russia & CIS at Facebook in London, United Kingdom. She is responsible for managing partners, as well as recruiting new partners in Central and Eastern Europe. Prior to Facebook, Julia was Sales Manager at Tapjoy for 2 years. Prior to moving to the United Kingdom, Julia lived in Ukraine. Julia speaks fluent Russian and Ukrainian as well as English. Julia holds a BA in Business, Economics and Advertising from the University of Worcester.

"Get Even: The real world versus the virtual world - how to make a game about it"

Production Director and cofounder of The Farm 51. Dedicated to designing action games (NecroVisioN, Painkiller Hell and Damnation, and Deadfall Adventures), he is also involved in production management. Previously long-term associate of People Can Fly studio, a name behind Painkiller, and editor-in-chief of 3D magazine. A graduate of the Technical University of Silesia, expert in 3D graphics, author of books and articles on game development and its visual aspects. Cooperates with the Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology as a lecturer and trainer.

Privately an enthusiast of film, fantasy, horror, and martial arts.

Anastasia Perina has been working in PR and marketing industry for more than 5 years. Being employed at the RJ Games company, focused on social and mobile games development, Anastasia is responsible for promotion and development of both projects and the company in whole. She is the worst enemy of everydayness: moves mountains with positive thinking and throws everyone, getting into her way, into the abyss of charm.

"Maximizing Monetization in Free to Play Games"

Founder and COO at Ten Square Games. Former CEO at NK.pl. With his extensive, international experience in the Internet industry, Arek runs the operations of Ten Square Games. Having built and managed leading polish social network NK.pl Arek gained a dual-perspective on the gaming market, not only of a developer, but of the platform itself. As a non-gamer he is continuously attracted to the gaming sector by its huge potential, challenge and the fun it offers.

"The Witcher - building a global game brand: from zero to AAA"

Head of Marketing and PR EMEA, CD Projekt RED.

His adventure with marketing, as well as video games, started in his youth. As he grew fascinated with the world of marketing and advertisement since the 90s, he developed his interest in studying Marketing and Management on Kozminsky University. He gained experience working in marketing departments, advertising agencies and direct marketing companies. Finally he found a place where he can combine his two passions. Michał joined CD Projekt RED to promote Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition in 2011. In RED, he's responsible for creating global communication and marketing strategy in EMEA region. In his free time he likes to play basketball and role-playing games.

"Creative business models-synergies in gameplay and monetization" - panel discussion

Emma Povkhan is a producer at Aeria Games Europe GmbH, responsable for several top grossing mobile games. Emma specializes in monetization of freemium entertainment services across various platforms, with previous experience in producing live interactive TV game shows, and launching a freemium e-commerce start-up. Emma's current focus is maximizing the profitability of free-to-play mobile games. Main interest areas include consumer psychology, game economy and balancing, based on an in-depth analytical approach.

Marcin Przybyłowicz Composer, arranger, audio producer. Graduate of the Department of Jazz and Light Music, Bydgoszcz Music Academy (Poland). His inexhaustible source of inspiration lies in the world of Western music, from Jazz and Pop to Soul, but his tastes also include dramatic, epic and classical film scores and tense video games compositions that thrill audiences around the world. All these fascinations are reflected in his music; however, to look for passive imitation of common ideas in these compositions would be a vain effort. Marcin's harmonic compositions, creative instincts and imagination all bring a vibrant power and authenticity to video games, film, television, and other media. Currently in-house composer at CD Project RED, working on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Also worked on The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, Afterfall: Insanity and others.

Paid Products Monetization specialist closely related (since 6 years) to gaming industry.

Patrycja is specializing in Free2Play products, marketing, services basing on mobile payments, payment solutions and payments models dedicated to gaming industry. Product Manager at Paid Products Department at Grupa Onet.pl SA.

Onet is the #1 online media company in Poland that owns the leading Internet portal Onet.pl but also gaming platforms, video on demand, blogging and dating services.

An enthusiast of the video games market, mountain climbing, journeys and Argentine tango.

"Your rocket is ready, Sir. How Google App Engine can shoot a startup beyond its horizon"

Founder and CEO of Devspire Studios with offices in Dortmund (Germany) and Racibórz (Poland). He started his professional career as a consultant at Accenture Technology Solutions within the energy sector, followed by working as a freelancer software developer. The entrepreneurial soul paired with passion for gaming brought him finally to found 2012 Devspire Studios with his friends.

"Who Cares What You Have to Say? (I Do)"

Brandon Sheffield is director of indie game studio Necrosoft Games, former editor in chief of Game Developer magazine, and co-founder of the east bay game dev group, and multiple game jams. He occasionally still writes for Gamasutra.com as their senior contributing editor, and is an adviser to multiple game conferences, including GDC, Digital Dragons, and GDC China.

He likes connecting people, making weird things, living in Oakland, and speaking at game conferences in exotic places.

"Gaming of the Caribbean or how to train your pirate"

The mad scientist among independent game developers. The man behind McPixel, Thelemite, and many other games no one has ever heard of. Games, consoles, and age-old computers addict hopelessly hooked on game jams.

"How to release your game on Nintendo eShop"

Before joining Nintendo, James worked as a game programmer for over a decade tackling physics, animation content pipe-lines and a whole load of other game programming tasks. Since 2010 he has been a part Nintendo of Europe's Developer Support & Relations team, where he uses his experience to help support and advise developers working on Nintendo Platforms.

"A Hands-On Guide to Unity's New GUI System"

Ever since he added physics to 100 cubes and watched them bounce around, Andy has been addicted to experimenting with gaming technology. Having previously taught game development to University students, he is now part of Unity Technologies' Evangelism team helping to spread the word of the game engine and to show off what it can do!

"Increasing the chance of a commercial hit"

Paweł Weder is one of the most experienced game producers in Poland. He's been working in game industry for 15 years, developing games from design and production to marketing and on to successful sales. Previously having worked for Ubisoft and Reality Pump, Paweł today serves as the Chief Product Officer at Ganymede, focusing on product and market strategy. He develops strategies for new and existing products, markets and industries, to meet company's growth objectives. He also executes games market research, including market segmentation and trends. Currently he builds and manages Poker Texas Holdem and Bingo, social casino games available to players across the world.

"Has Brazil blown it?"

Tim has been in the gaming industry for more than seven years. Started as a player of Tribal Wars he was recognized by the creators of the game which later turned into InnoGames, one of the leading online game publishers worldwide.
During the past years he was leading InnoGames' efforts to enter the Korean and Brazilian gaming market. Tim was living in both countries which helped him to get unique insights of all aspects in these markets.
Today Tim is heading Mopay's Business Development in Europe to support the further growth of the company. He is living in the most beautiful city of Germany: Munich.

"Creative business models-synergies in gameplay and monetization" - panel discussion

Dirk Weyel is a founder & CEO of Stryking Entertainment GmbH. Dirk is a serial entrepreneur with over 15 years' experience in the games industry. Most recently, as co-founder and COO, he helped turn Frogster Interactive Pictures AG into one of the leading online games publishers in Europe. At Frogster he was responsible for Strategy, Marketing and Business Development until the company has been acquired by a competitor in 2011. Dirk is also an active business angel and advisor to young start-ups, and a supervisory board member in two successful games companies.

"Rendering Assassin's Creed 4 - Lighting, Materials and Atmospheric Effects"

Bartlomiej Wronski is a graphics programmer at Ubisoft's Montreal studio. He started his career at the Polish game development studio CD Projekt RED, working as an engine and graphics programmer for The Witcher 2. After shipping the PC version of the game, he led the technical side of the porting process for the whole engine and renderer for The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition for Xbox 360. Then, after performing R&D activities and developing new rendering and lighting techniques for upcoming titles The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Cyberpunk 2077, he joined the Ubisoft Montreal studio. He worked on Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, developing new next-gen algorithms, rendering techniques and optimizations for all game hardware platforms (Microsoft Xbox 360, Microsoft Xbox One, PC, Sony Playstation 3 and Sony Playstation 4).

"How to release your game on Nintendo eShop"

Ed Valiente joined Nintendo's European Publisher Business department in 2010 initially working with traditional retail publishers. Since the launch of Wii U in 2012, his department also takes care of developers looking to self-publish on Nintendo eShop. Ed has been in the games industry since 1997 and has previously worked at Sony, Microsoft, Square Enix, Namco Bandai and Rovio.

"Orcs eat birds-why Mobile shouldn't be casual"

CEO of Gameforge 4D GmbH. Carsten is operating online games since 1999, first founding and trade-selling a web1.0-games-company to the ISP Freenet.de, later launching the first commercially successful Asian MMORPG in Europe in 2001, as Director Games International of pan-European ISP Tiscali. Carsten was Founding President of the Pan-European Online Games Association (PEOGA) and acts as Jury Member in Deutscher Computerspielepreis (German Computer Games Award), Deutscher Entwicklerpreis (German Developers Award), European Innovative Game Award, Game Developers Choice Awards and the MMO Hall of Fame.

Carsten holds a first degree and MBA from business schools in Germany, the UK and France, and worked and studied extensively in Latin America and the Far East.

"The power of the Facebook platform for games developers"

Former CEO & Co-Founder of Kobojo, a European leader in the Social Gaming industry. Kobojo currently hires over 70 people, and was backed by top European VC's in 5.3M€ Series A in April 2011.

He lives in Krakow, where he is founding a new Game Studio specialized in Mobile Gaming for a midcore audiance. He is also a Business Angel, Free-To-Play consultant and a Lean Startup lover.

"Practical Marketing for the App Store"

Dave is an experienced iOS and Mac developer, trainer and consultant. Dave also runs iOS Dev Weekly, an email sent out every Friday which contains a round up of interesting iOS news and links each week. Dave can be found at shinydevelopment.com and iosdevweekly.com and on Twitter as @daveverwer.

"The Evolution of Publisher/Developer relationships and what to look for in a Publisher today"

Jim Ying is VP of Game Publishing at Tango, a mobile messaging and entertainment platform with over 200 million members. Tango lets users send free text messages, play games, share content and make free phone and video calls. Before joining Tango, Ying was VP of Publishing & Partnerships at GREE International, where his team managed GREE's Partners Fund, relationships with developers and partnerships with mobile ad vendors in addition to driving discussions with game publishers and platforms in China and Korea. Leading up to that, he served as SVP of Publishing and led the US office at 6waves, a publisher of social and mobile games, where he managed the product, marketing and bizdev teams. Earlier in his career, he held positions at RealNetworks Gamehouse, Microsoft Xbox and Monitor Consulting. Jim holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern.

Nokia Developers Relations, Central and East Europe Area Head. Dariusz' role is to support developers, publishers, media companies in creating applications and games for Windows Phone and new Nokia X family smartphones. His mission is making developers successful in turning applications development into successful and sustainable business. Dariusz has been working in Nokia in diversified positions for several years now. Started as Product Manager, followed by Business Development Manager, driving B2B solutions as Enterprise Solutions Sales Manager.

Warsaw University of Technology, Electronics Faculty graduate. In daily duties combines technology and business environments as he also successfully completed Executive MBA at Warsaw University of Technology.

"Indie evolution"

George Zarkua is indie evangelist from Ukraine known for his games visual style. George is passionate about unusual game art, interesting views on game mechanics and charming atmosphere in games. Doing his best to create strange new worlds he is trying to make games you will fell in love with.

A graduate of the Faculty of Department of Information Technology Security of the Kharkiv National University of Radio and Electronics. His last online games are Alien Anarchy, Jims Dreams and Dreams Symphony. In his next life he wants to be an elk.

"How to reach the media so they do not miss the best game in the world – your game" - panel discussion

Gamer since he was 8 years old, and got his first ZX Spectrum 48+. In 1996 he started his work as a video games reviewer in Gambler Magazine (one of the magazines from the „first wave" of gaming press in Poland), and for next 16 years he collaborated with various media outlets, including Ringer Axel Springer Poland (Komputer Swiat GRY and Play PC magazines, and Gamezilla.pl ), Agora (polygamia.pl), gry-online.pl, and Cyfra+ Hyper TV (Review Territory, Technology and E-sport shows host and co-host). One of his greatest gaming passions is e-sports – for more than 2 years he worked as a shoutcaster (e-sport commentator) and then as IEM Katowice's event host for Turtle Entertainment Polska.

In 2012 he started working as a PR/Community Manager for CDP.pl, part of CD Projekt company, working on startup e-commerce shop cdp.pl. In 2013 an opportunity arose, and he joined Riot Games Dublin as polish community coordinator. In the beggining of 2014 he got a chance to work for one of Poland's best developers CD Projekt RED as community manager. He returned to his home city of Warsaw, and works with the team on The Witcher 3.

"Scheduling – black magic used by experience producers to deliver finished games with great metacritic score"

Senior Producer at 11 bit studios. He began his career in 2006 working as a tester and designer for CD Projekt RED in The Witcher project. Level artist and level designer of the The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Between 2012 and 2014 he was credited for working as a gameplay and animations producer in The Witcher 3.

A graduate from the Faculty of Cybernetics at the Military University of Technology and an MBA program at Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego.

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