Gamesture is a Kraków based, mobile game developer specializing in large-scale, free-to-play projects. We create virtual words – immersive experiences that carry the legacy of things we played as kids. We believe in game as a service, so our creations are never finished products – they constantly grow and evolve. Instead of making a new game every month, we’d rather create a single outstanding one that can be played for years.

Questland is our main project and something we very proud of, a complex first-person perspective RPG with elements of a dungeon crawler. The game met with very enthusiastic reception worldwide and the number of its players is constantly growing. Massive audience and dynamic environment require managing a huge database, live feedback, and daily changes, so our job is never dull.

We have offices in Kraków and Poznań, and we are always happy to meet new people with similar drive. Curious? Visit our booth – we will be very happy to tell you more about what we do.

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