Indie Showcase 2017 Winner:

My Memory of Us

Past Winners


Indie Showcase presents independent developers with a unique opportunity to present their games to a selected audience of industry peers, veterans, and experts, and to win a prestigious awards.


It’s here that the unbound creativity of the young, passionate developers gets to meet and naturally mingle with the experience of games industry veterans from all over the world. Indie Showcase is more than just an exhibition of dozens of independent titles – it’s also a networking platform removing the distance between the developer, local and global gaming media, investors, and publishers.


The Best Indie Game Award competition taking place at Digital Dragons is an opportunity to collect valuable feedback on your game from the judges and hundreds of attendees alike. The award itself can prove to be a skeleton key opening many doors in the most dynamic of modern industries.


Taking part in the Digital Dragons Indie Showcase became a milestones on the way to success for many a independent developers. Become one of them!



Jury of Indie Showcase consist of acknowledged veterans of game industry in Poland: developers, journalist and marketing specialists:


Jury Chairman: Michał Król (Graczpospolita, Radio Szczecin, PSX Extreme)

Artur Maksara (Flying Wild Hog)
Maciek Miąsik (Pixel Crow)
Mateusz Janczewski (Techland)
Marek Czerniak (Indie Games Poland Foundation)
Karol Zajączkowski (11bit Studios)
Szymon Liebert (TVGRY)


10 000 PLN founded by Host City Kraków

Past Winners

Indie Showcase 2017

1st place:  My Memory of Us (Juggler Games)

2nd place: We. The Revolution (Polyslash)

3rd place: Don’t Escape (scriptwelder)

Community Vote: Blocky Farm (Jet Toast)

Indie Showcase 2016

1st place:  911 Operator (Jutsu Games)

2nd place: Crush Your Enemies (Vile Monarch)

3rd place: Book of Demons (Think Trunk)

Community Vote: Out of Reach (Space Boat)


Indie Showcase 2015

1st place: The Shadowborn (My Next Games)

Special Award for the Best Mobile Game: Zombiebucket

Special Award for the Best Arcade Game: Angry John

Special Award for a Unity3D Project: PixWing

1ndie World Special Award: The Shadowborn

Indie Showcase 2014

Best Mobile Game: Timberman (Digital Melody)

Best PC Game: Top Hat

Best Game Using Unity: Mouse Craft
Community Award: Gardens Inc

Foodo Kitchen, Swipe Quest, and Gloria Victis gained special recognition from the Jury

My Memory of Us by Juggler Games

Indie Showcase 2017 winner

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Students Talent Show

11 bit studios - STS Partner
Past Winners


Students Talent Show is a country-wide contest addressed to all Polish students who create video games. Game prototypes that shall pass the initial selection will be presented by teams of students during the contest’s finale at Digital Dragons video game industry conference on May 21st-22nd 2018 in ICE KRAKÓW Congress Centre.

11 bit studios - STS Partner

11 bit studios is a Warsaw-based game developer and publisher most known for This War of Mine, a game which received international recognition and established their position as one of leading developers in Poland. The studio dates back to 2009 when a group of game industry veterans created their own company and started working on their games. All of their works have met with warm welcome and received industry awards.


In 2014 This War of Mine was released, shaking the game industry and granting 11 bit studios with financial success, over 100 awards and articles in magazines such as Washington Post, EDGE and TIME. Currently the studio is working on their next big project – Frostpunk.


At the same time, 11 bit studios is a publisher for indie game creators, providing them with funds as well as helping them in the process of production, distribution, marketing, PR.


Since the beginning of Students Talent Show two years ago 11 bit studios is our partner in organizing Digital Dragons and provides awards such as internships for the best team and guidance for all who are interested in improving their game development skills.





Past Winners

The winners of 2017 edition: Delta Negative – QB


The winners of 2016 edition: Moon Wolf Studio / Click2Freak – Dwarf Heroes: One Wave to Grave


The winners of 2015 edition: Long Story Short – Hexiles

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