Artur Reterski
Vile Monarch

Pixel art - not for everyone

Artur is an experienced game artist, who is searching a new opportunities to enlarge his skills in the domain of computer graphics and also game designing. Since 2007 Artur has been a representative of polish pixel art scene and is eagerly taking part in campaigns originated from the environment of gamedev.


Speech Abstract
Pixel art isn’t as simply as you can think. I would like to question the common way of thinking about pixel art by describing all the typical problems associated with its’ creation.


1. Prelude
– definitions of pixel art
2. Pixel art is only one
– retro
– true
– modern
3. Three basic heresies
– simply
– fast
– cheap
4. Three common problems
– scale
– resolution
– animation
5. Paint is enough
– types of software for pixel artists
6. Where to seek
– sites with information for/about pixel artsits
7. Beyond the screen
– types of activities connected with pixel art
8. Perspectives
– trends and future of pixel art
9. Overview
– conclusion
10. Questions
Speaker’s Bio

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