Cyryl Matuszewski

The Arcane Language of GPUs

Experienced engine programmer with a passion for 3D graphics. As a porting programmer has worked on a big deal of engines ranging from different flavours of Unreal Engine 3 and 4, through RED Engine and MT Framework to many home-brew ones. Generally a cool guy.


Speech Abstract


So you merrily started your journey of graphics programming imagining a colourful career in pixel driven universe. And now you got stuck with GPU crashes and optimization burden?
If so then this speech might be just for you.
Armoured with powerful rendering APIs you will delve deep into the communication process between CPU and GPU. Penetrate the halls of graphics card driver, smash through synchronization fences and finally stand before the monstrous GPU itself… just to realize that this puppy is not really so scary after all.
A veteran of many (victorious of course) CPU-GPU battles will make an attempt to show you the caveats of GPU programming in a user friendly way. Some profiling tools, ways of finding GPU bugs and common mistakes might also be shown.

Technical speech for engine programmers and anyone interested in CPU-GPU communication. Intended for all levels.

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