Diego de Palacio

Game Architecture techniques to reuse code in Unity

Working in game development industry for several years, I have been coding on some console titles like Pixar’s Cars2, desktop games & apps like a Sea Simulator, used actually on some navigation schools around the world, and mobile games like Milka Biscuit Saga. During my career I have been working on different job positions, including some of programming, 3D modeling, designing, production, lead programmer and CTO. I also developed in some Game Jams.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Maths with a minor in Computer Science and four Master’s degrees in Game Development, 3D Animation, Education and Business Administration.

I have been also teaching for a few years in a Master’s degree of Game Programming & Design on Universidad Europea de Madrid and as a 3D graphics Specialization degree for engineers on Gdańsk University of Technology.


Speech Abstract


The speech is focused on taking about some techniques to make easier sharing common code between game projects, with a special focus on their usage with the Unity engine, so will be suitable for any type of game programmers.
In game related projects, there are frequently sections of code that are implemented over and over, like user interfaces, localization, social features, statistics, and many more.

There are some Design Patterns like Inversion of Control, Dependency Injection, Model-View-Controller, Entity Component System which can help on the code sharing process.

During the talk their possible implementation in Unity will be discussed and also some other useful techniques like the GIT sub-modules for improving the process of updating simultaneously the shared code between parallel game projects.

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