Greg Wal
Draco Nared

How to talk to a composer?

Greg Wal is a freelance music composer, using ‘Draco Nared’ as his pseudonyme. He also worked as a video game tester and a programmer in the past. His recent music works are original music for horror games: ‘Phantaruk’ (Polyslash) and ‘Agony’ (Madmind Studios), but he created music for tv ads company and various indie game developers as well. Specializes in orchestral soundtracks. Likes science fiction.


Speech Abstract


Music is one of the elements that can keep games alive in players’ memories for a long time. However, the process of music production can be problematic when a director and a composer confront.

Based on collected experience, the speech will begin with a short analysis of where the issues might come from. I will present suggestions what, how and when to tell the composer and what to avoid during conversations. Each form of communication will be presented with pros and cons.

Important elements of the speech will be music examples played throughout and interaction with the audience – there will appear questions to the viewers and getting suggestions from them.


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