Grzegorz Mazur
Vile Monarch

Going Multiplatform - Oh... Sir! The Insult Simulator and Crush Your Enemies Tech Postmortem

Programmer. Information Technology graduate at Warsaw University of Technology. Currently Co-Boss and Technical Director at Vile Monarch. Previously worked for 11 bit studios where he was Lead Programmer of This War of Mine and Sleepwalker`s Journey. Specialized in gameplay and AI programming. Teacher at Warsaw Film School and Academy of Games and Post-Production. Amateur musician and board games enthusiast.


Speech abstract:


Talk is focused on what technical and production challenges we had during development of these games in Unity and shipping them simultanously on 6 platforms. A lot of examples and tips for Unity users.

1. Going multiplatform – why its a bad idea
2. Going multiplatform – why its a great idea
3. Going multiplatform – in general
4. Going multiplatform in Unity – problems
5. Handling Pixel-Art graphics on different screen resolutions
6. Multiplayer
7. Easy ways to configure and balance the game
8. Handling tons of resources
9. Automatization of sprite-sheet animations
10. Multiscene Editing

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