Kacper Domański
The Astronauts

One Feature to rule them all

Programmer and designer at The Astronauts, head of Slavic Game Jam, in love with game jams, both organizing and taking part.


Speech Abstract


Coming from game jammer background to indie studio made me realize how much does short (24-48h) game jams have in common with regular indie game development cycles, despite obvious time span differences. However gaining experience while jamming can be a quicker and easier way to improve the way you work in small teams.

I will go through the most useful game jam tips one by one and show how they can be used in a day-to-day work with indie projects. Further on I will show the importance of proper research and being fully aware of your genre qualities. Next we will try to show how enforcing your core concept can help your game and how putting more focus on only one feature at a time can be a way to go.

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