Krzysztof Justyński
Crunching Koalas

Unreal 4 vs Unity - What's the best choice for the exploration game?

Experienced with implementing exploration games in Unreal Engine 3, Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 3D and RED Engine. Worked as quest designer for The Witcher 3, game designer for The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. Currently working for unannounced project in Unity. Loves to work as “technical designer”, maximizing possibilities of technology.


Speech Abstract:
Both Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 3D become more and more universal and choosing the most suitable engine for your game isn’t that obvious anymore. Using the same engine for the next game just because “we know how to use it” could be a huge mistake.
Unreal editor was designed for 3D exploration games with complex gameplay in mind. Unity excels in simplicity and support for mobile games. Which engine would better choice for your exploration game?

1. Very basic comparison of both engines. Challenging audience to think: if they should simply use the same technology as before? Or maybe they should evaluate other tools?
2. Presenting built-in features of both engines. Mostly focusing on Unreal Engine, it’s clear winner here. This part provides lot of informations for people who never worked with Unreal.
3. Discussing how easy is to extend both engines, add custom features added in our game. There’s no clear winner here if we’re talking about exploration games.
4. Showing off crazy simple 3D exploration game I made just for this presentation. I used the same assets in both engines. Discussing results.
5. Comparing game performance on different platforms.
6. Talking about “engine environments”. What tools are available beside engine itself? What about community support?
7. Quick insight into development plans of both engines. What we should expect in the future?
8. Summing up. What questions we should ask about our project in order to choose the most suitable technology?

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