Krzysztof Narkowicz
Flying Wild Hog

Rendering of Shadow Warrior 2

Krzysztof worked for more than a decade as an engine programmer with a very strong focus on graphics. Currently he is the Lead Engine Programmer at Flying Wild Hog. He loves working with artists, coding graphics and coding “close to the metal”.

Speech Abstract:
This talk is targeted toward graphics programmers and technical artists curious about rendering techniques added in Shadow Warrior 2 in order to support procedurally generated content and improve graphical fidelity.

This talk will describe our journey from an old renderer, designed for linear games with small static levels, to a brand new one based around the idea of supporting procedurally runtime generated large open levels. We will describe a variety of changes. Starting from the foundations – global illumination and ambient occlusion. Next, volume decal tricks, efficient runtime material layering and of course gore system, as there is no Shadow Warrior game without a proper gore system. Finally, we will cover last steps before pixels are displayed on screen: automatic adaptation and tonemapping.

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