Łukasz Hacura
Anshar Studio

From indie to a sustainable company

Co-founder of Anshar Studios, producer and programmer. Computer science graduate at Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. He works in the video games industry since 2006. First as a video game programmer, in 2008 became a lead programmer and at the end of 2011 he was given a position of executive producer and head of studio at City Interactive Katowice where he worked till founding of Anshar Studios. 4 years ago me and my friend embarked on an adventure of creating our own game development company. We started with zero money, remote work and free version of Unity, after 4 years we have a 35 person company creating multiple projects and having a steady flow of cash coming in. But we had a lot of ups and downs during those 4 years, we made a lot of mistakes and we also got a few things right. I wish to share our experience with every small or starting company, so that they will have a little easier of a job of growing their company.


Speech Abstract
I wish to create an honest and concise summary of our road. The idea is to go chronologically and on each step describe what I think went ok and what went wrong. This will be at no point advertisement of our company, just sharing the experience. Example topics I wish to touch:
– Cash flow is king – how to handle the pressure of hiring people and paying them every month when you’re a contractor, how this should affect your contract negotiations for example.
– How diverse portfolio helped us stay afloat, and at the same time made us sloppy – not being able to finish our internal projects because of loss of focus
– Morale handling inside the company, when you can’t compete in terms of money and projects with other companies
– Using the gamedev community to your benefit and more.

The target of this speech are studio managers, small company owners and indies that are thinking about expanding to a company.

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