Maciej Siniło
Digital Extremes

Networking Architecture of Warframe

Maciej has been making games for over 15 years. Shipped games for 7 different platforms and has a practical experience as a tools, rendering, engine and network programmer. Worked at 7th Sense, City Interactive, CD Projekt Red (Lead Gameplay Programmer on The Witcher), Starbreeze Studios and Digital Extremes (responsible for the networking architecture of Warframe).


Speech Abstract


Overview of networking system in Warfame, focusing mostly on the replication layer. Big picture, implementation details, lessons learned. Aimed at network programmers and anyone interested in creating multiplayer games.
Talk will describe implementation details of a networking stack behind a modern, fast-paced online game. Find out how we set out on our mission to achieve required reliability and responsiveness and completed it without sacrificing (too much) performance.

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