Martine Spaans

The Retention Rhetoric

Martine Spaans started her career in online gaming in 2006 and has worked for well-known companies like Spil Games and Ubisoft before setting up her own Mobile Publishing company. She quickly learned the magic formula behind a great casual game and developed a good understanding of gamers needs. She runs Publishing label; In cooperation with they help indie developers push their mobile games to a diversity of app stores. Tamalaki is highly specialized in Hidden Object and Match-3 games.



Speech abstract:


The industry is getting increasingly better at acquiring the right players for its mobile games. But how does it keep those players interested and what makes them come back? How long is the ideal game session? What can be learned from other apps like Tinder and Wish? Tamalaki has published more than 100 titles on Android that are mainly popular among women 30+. With various grades of success, they have defined some key factors why their most popular games remain on top where others fall.

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