Piotr Trochim

Timeline for the Real AI for games

Piotr is an AI and animation programmer by profession. He used to work with CD Projekt RED, Havok, Crytek. He now runs his own firm – Botperfect – working on the ML framework for the games industry.

Best Speaker @ GIC 2016 for lecture “From pathfinding to chatbots – Machine learning and games”


Speech Abstract:


He will talk about the state of industry related to Machine Learning and the technical obstacles that are still there, preventing it from becoming a regular tool of trade of an AI programmer and a game designer.

The lecture is intended for:
– technically savvy audience who want to catch up with the rapidly developing Machine Learning industry and see where it’s currently at and where it’s going
– CEOs and Technical Directors who want to learn about the hottest technology trend out there
“Are you tired of being stuck in the Uncanny Valey? The neighbourhood got a bit to crowded for you?

Well, I’ve got good news!
The Real AI train is about to leave. So hurry up to platform 1 and climb aboard… Just don’t be late!”

Machine Learning, is booming. Media heralds the era of the Real AI to be upon us.
It got to the point that we’re seeing programs that write themselves.

But how soon can we expect to see it employed in games? What are the major obstacles? And most important of all – will it really deliver all it promises?

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