Scott Humphries
Lorraine Studio

The Brand That Feeds You: Managing Top IP in Mobile Free-to-Play

Scott Humphries is a mobile game producer with over 15 years of experience spearheading some of the most successful mobile games in the industry. Scott started out at JAMDAT where he worked on some groundbreaking feature phone projects like the industry’s first 3D mobile game (Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater: 3D Mobile Edition), the industry’s first over-the-air synchronous-multiplayer mobile game (Bejeweled MP), and the legendary head of Id Sofware John Carmack’s first mobile game, DOOM RPG. After JAMDAT was acquired in 2005 by Electronic Arts, Scott produced mobile games based on iconic EA franchises like Madden NFL, Need for Speed, The Sims, and SPORE. Scott was also producer on the free-to-play title The Simpsons: Tapped Out, EA’s highest-grossing mobile game of all time. Most recently, Scott was running Disney Interactive’s co-development and licensing business for mobile games – a portfolio of over 20 games with 5-6 product launches a year. Titles Scott shipped while at Disney included Frozen Free Fall, Star Wars: Uprising, Disney Magic Kingdoms and Disney Crossy Road. Scott has also worked in production in the film/TV industry on projects like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (Paramount) as well as in video game journalism with published work appearing in media outlets like PC Gamer, PSM, and


Speech abstract:



With top-tier IP dominating the grossing charts, many mobile free-to-play developers think they need a big brand to succeed. Though the right brand can drive tremendous value, it’s only part of the equation. Join Scott Humphries (JAMDAT, Electronic Arts, Disney) as he recounts learnings from some of the big IP games he’s shipped including The Simpsons: Tapped Out and Frozen Free Fall. What are the common pitfalls of branded free-to-play games? What should a developer look for when trying to secure a top IP? We’ll discuss the common misconceptions of going with a top IP and where the real value can be found in chasing them for your free-to-play games.

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