Wojciech Pazdur
The Farm 51

Adventures of Cole Black and his creators: how we tried to Get Even

Wojciech Pazdur, working in video game industry for 18 years already, for most of the time was focused on creating photorealistic 3D content. Had a participation in the first “Witcher”, now as head of the studio The Farm 51, responsible, among others, for “NecroVisioN” and “Painkiller Hell & Damnation”. Currently focused on “Get Even” and involved into research and development on 3D graphics and interactive storytelling.


Speech abstract:


The lecture is oriented towards people who are interested in enhancing a storytelling in video games, especially regarding the interactive stories and attempts to let the player experience, not see (or listen to) the story events. No prior design or writing experience is required; however, it’s good to be interested in and familiar with some storytelling-related issues like „story branching,” „theme,” „motif” or „symbol.” We will share our wins and fails during the fight to create an atypical storytelling tools for Get Even game.

Get Even is a game attempting to built it’s own approach to handling narratives. The goal of the project was to create a unique tale that couldn’t be told (or better to say: „experienced”) in any other medium than a video game. During three years of story development and design iterations, we’ve approached a lot of challenges and obstacles, including rewriting the script (several times), reshaping the level design, adding and removing quite sophisticated gameplay mechanics and even working out the new audio system for music handling. At the top of it, we had to move all cars steering wheels from left to right, because the action needed to be switched from Poland to the United Kingdom. And it was all related to the way how we wanted to share our story with the players. The lessons we’ve learned will be covered in this talk, including thoughts on the evolution of the concept, creating narrative tools, playing with business and marketing and a bit of technology.

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